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Social Media: Branding, Begging and Balancing the Act of Business Online

At our company we specialize in branding, marketing, and making money for our clients. So when a client called yesterday to lament that he had only been allowed two comments on Pinterest before they “cut him off” we wanted to know why. After a few questions it became apparent that our client was attacking social media with the same amount of gusto that he attacks everything else in life. His comments weren’t comments but rather thinly veiled sales pitches for his website. Social communities and especially Pinterest shut this type of behavior down right away. So how to make the most of social media? Embrace the three B’s of branding, begging and balancing and watch your social media start to pay off.


Branding on Social Media

Successfully using social media starts with looking at these platforms as a place to brand yourself rather than a place to sell your products. In the marketing funnel this is the top of the funnel in the “recognition” phase. Most social media isn’t going to sell your products (sorry FB). Despite this, social media is incredibly valuable for getting your name recognized. Pre-Internet simple brand recognition took years and thousands of dollars to establish. Social Media is basically free. In branding your product or business on social media soft sell is always the best approach. Here are two Pinterest accounts that use social media very effectively and in a way that is absolutely acceptable to Pinterest: The first is for canadian architect in Vancouver named Gaile Guevara. The second is for a Tomate Joyeuse, a french blogger.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/social-media/social-media-branding-begging-and-balancing-the-act-of-business-online-0286105#0I5dEB6s3coCguVR.99


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