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It’s always our privilege to work on eco-friendly projects, and doubly so when those projects are actuallyabout eco-education. We try to print on FSC-certified paper, work with local manufacturers when we can, and, of course, love on Albuquerque for all its sustainable loveliness. But… well, we have a confession to make. When we brought you details of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s Green Threads project, we were only telling half the story.


Admittedly, that’s because the second half hadn’t been written yet. Launched earlier this week, the Green Threads website puts many of the ideas and lesson plans in the exhibit’s educational material on the web, for instant and reliable reference. Project complete!

TC designed and laid out the site. The illustrations, as well as the look and feel, come from Melinda’s illustrations in the printed matter. As educational references go, this one is robust:

  • A map displays green locations throughout the five boroughs of NYC, with an option for you to nominate your favorite green locations in New York City..
  • The Museum is a LEED-certified building. Our Sustainable Building documents the process of “greening” the Museum, which has been declared New York City’s first “green” museum. We hope this will encourage children to take pride in green architecture, and as they grow, add to and reflect on the green locations map.
  • Teach Green In Brooklyn: a constantly updated blog with resources to teach sustainability in the classroom and at home.
  • You can download your own Educator’s Guide, for use in the field.
  • And lastly, photos and information from the Green Threads exhibit.

TC also designed and implemented an interactive kiosk for use at the exhibit. The kiosk is a simplified, touch-based version of the website, and features the same information.

We’re thrilled to see the Green Threads project assume its full form. We hope (expect, really) you’ll find plenty to play with, was there’s plenty for the discerning adult to ruminate on here, as well. Though we’ve gone to great lengths to package these issues for kids, they’re just as pressing for the rest of us.



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