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We feature the work of our brilliant photographer Daniel a fair bit around here. Last week, even. But Daniel’s work is the type we just want to keep looking at, and we find it hard to imagine you don’t want to, too. So what a lovely coincidence that Daniel’s just updated his portfolio site, and shortened the URL! www.danielhulsbos.com has such a nice ring to it, making it easy for everyone who wants to see him strut his stuff. (It also looks fine with all those nice ascenders. We’re all type nerds here.) We’re told his old domain should redirect to the new, but just to be sure, follow our link and you’ll get there.


For some time now Daniel’s been captured by weddings – which is great for everyone, because he captures them like few others. Weddings, like architecture – another of Daniel’s obsessions and strong-suits – demand an awareness of the quiet. The poetic. Moments that happen at weddings are, by definition, once-in-a-lifetime, and it’s critical the event photographer be prepared not only technically, but as artist-observer. And that’s Daniel: his wedding portfolio is all joyful, surprised faces, proud families dressing anxious brides, unconventional environs in exquisite light.

It’s also pretty practical. If you’re a client of his, you can to access your proofs, download final versions (including high-res shots, if applicable) and even order prints. Right there on the website. We know.

He started work late last year with Twin Lens, based in Santa Fe, and is grooming a portfolio there, too. Now that’s a powerhouse team, if ever we’ve seen one. We’d get married (again) every month just to have them shoot it.

In the coming months Daniel’s planning a design overhaul to his main portfolio, so be sure to check back on it in late Spring/early Summer. Where normally we might feature a spread of images (usually of Daniel’s) at the bottom of our posts, this time we felt it more appropriate just to send you right to Daniel’s front door. We think you’ll like what you see.



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