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10 Year Old Company with NEW Voice

It’s been a long, delicious haul through the single digits, and it’s our birthday! We’ve learned a lot over the last decade, made a lot of friends, moved around the country and the world, and found our… identity.

It was with no more than laptops and tiny Wacom tablets (appropriate for our tiny hands) we began the TC odyssey in an e-cafe in NYC’s East Village. When the weather was bad, or the eats were good, we’d venture to other internet-bearing restaurants.


And recall, in 2001, this was far from today’s norm. Not to shine our nails too much, but at the start of the 2000s, the notion of a mobile, internet-accessible office was still a fresh idea. A little scary. But with desk space, electricity, ethernet cables, and Mark Robinson our only client, we staked an office. Nowadays, with deepening roots in Albuquerque and Regensberg, and a team of 17 members (plus dog), it tickles us CMYK to reflect on how far we’ve come.

The team back then consisted of only one illustrator, one designer, and one photographer – working over coffee. (Private meetings occurred at the nearby Wendy’s.) We had occasion to remember those days recently, when our building’s Internet service went down and we regrouped within the hour at our much-beloved Napoli Coffee.

So if you’re near a glass, and want to raise it in our honor, please do. Particularly, as we’re just returned from a glorious, sun-flooded vacation, and will be ploughing through work till our next school vacation.



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